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The key and lock metaphor penetrates our lives and culture. From the works of Shakespeare to Seinfeld, people have been talking about keys for a long time. But keys are more than a symbol, they are a functional part of everything we do in our daily lives. We need our keys first thing in the morning to lock our doors, to start our cars, to enter the workplace and the pattern repeats and repeats. We feel the paranoia strike when we can’t find keys. Luckily, now you can rest assured that the best locksmith in Brooklyn, NYC have solutions for all locksmith problems.

Our Locksmith Services

Pro Tech provides reputable locksmith services including security systems for Brooklyn and NYC.


Residential Locksmith

At ProTech Locksmith we provide Residential Locksmith Services for all of the Brooklyn and surrounding areas

Commercial Locksmith

We take our Commercial Locksmith clients needs and wants seriously when it comes to security and quick service

Emergency Locksmith

At ProTech Locksmith we provide Residential Locksmith Services for all of the Brooklyn and surrounding areas

Professional Locksmith Services That Satisfy

Pro Tech Locksmith in Brooklyn provides peace of mind for those who need to secure their property and emergency response for those who rightfully need to re-enter their homes, offices, and vehicles. We work with landlords and offer corporate accounts for consistent service and accuracy.

Our friendly, courteous team of locksmiths and technicians have the experience and know-how to unlock and install any type of lock needed.

Losing your keys and being locked out of your vehicle or home can be extremely stressful, and our locksmiths understand this completely. We respond with the quickest call time in all of NYC and all our drivers arrive with the necessary equipment to get you where you want to be and back on the move. Not only that, but we do it with a smile!

Call us at 718-368-9600 for the emergency locksmith services. We will reach you in matter of a few minutes in Brooklyn.

Reliable Recommendations

Here at pro Tech locksmith Brooklyn, we aren’t going to sell you anything you don’t need. We will assess the security and accessibility of your property and convey to you the facts for how to improve the security and safety of the premises. This may include a security system complete with safes, security cameras, and emergency response triggered systems. Or, your place may just need a jimmy-proof deadbolt. Being known as the best locksmith in NYC, we focus on building permanent clients by keeping our price affordable than other companies.



Call (718) 368-9600

Pro Tech is here to help when you need. Don’t fall for locksmith scams from less reputable companies. Our testimonials speak for themselves and do us a great honor but what really matters is the service you experience. Allowing any vendor to solve your lock solutions requires a lot of trust. We aim to please in this department because referrals from current customers have nourished our growth as a company. We are fully licensed and insured to operate as locksmiths Brooklyn, NY and are committed to serving to NYC community.

Visit us at 6616 Ave T Brooklyn New York, USA 11234 and know how we can handle your lock and key needs.

Home Security Systems

Your home is your castle. Fortify it with the best locks and the right security system for your needs. The electric technicians at InstaLock understand you want security but you also want to feel welcome and untrapped in your own home.

As professional Locksmith in Brooklyn, Our deal is not to sell you security equipment you do not need and that will overburden your daily life. We aim to find the exact plan that will provide safety, security, and comfort for you and frustrating madness for anyone who attempts to break in. InstaLock is proficient in installing and maintaining safes for your valuables, security cameras to record and view all points of entry, electronic access control to allow those you want in and keep others out, and monitoring systems to transmit emergency services from police, fire departments, and EMT when it matters.

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PROTECH provides reputable locksmith services including security systems for Brooklyn and NYC.

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